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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Long Sleeve Cotton Tunics Are Rocking For Fall And Winter Wear

Women are beginning to appreciate the comfort and style of long sleeve cotton tunics for the cool fall season and cold winter season too. Plus size beauties especially love loose flowy long sleeved cotton tunics, the softness of quality cotton against your skin which ensures you are not stifled by your outfit. Have you experienced a rush of heat in fall and winter when you wear a warm sweater at the office which is already well heated it is impossible to work with that feeling. So I prefer a cotton tunic top and maybe an add on when necessary of a wool shawl or cape wrap when needed.

Many women agree that cotton tunics work beautifully for the fall & winter season in long sleeves elegance for office wear, daily casual wear, while travel on vacation and at event parties events and special occasions. If you are wondering why the reason revolves around the fact that statistically cotton is a woman’s most preferred fabric.  Easy to wash and care for quality cotton tunics are the embodiment of 2 things women love – style and comfort. Indian cotton tunics have increased in demand almost tenfold in last 5 years ever since the tunic kurti has become a household name worldwide. Introduced to the world by eye catching Indian actresses in Bollywood hindi films and many English movies it caught the eye of renowned fashion designers who popularized the style and glamor of the Indian tunic. The cotton tunics became a high demand item as it appeals to every woman for its classic simplicity of style and high comfort value.

Long sleeve Indian cotton tunics have that boho touch of style and extreme comfort in cotton soft elegance. Easy to wash, a quick iron or not, beautiful touch of embroidery for day casual wear and embellishment with beads or sequins for an evening tunic, the cotton tunic kurti  is worn not only by Hollywood stars but by women from all walks of life too. Women of all age groups love tunic tops. Plus size women love long tunics and tops that are hip covering or even longer closer to the knees with a pair of leggings. Nothing looks more beautiful and comfortable than a tunic with leggings. It has universal appeal for sure! A beautiful printed cotton pintuck top with black trousers for work lends an enchanting professional look. Business casual calls for a pair of pants and a white or seasonal colored embroidered tunic top to give you that fashionable look that will make head’s turn. Going out with friends on a day trip or for dinner wear a long sleeve tunic with leggings and a light scarf and you will look amazing and get compliments on your style. Try to add many seasonal colors in long sleeve cotton tunics to your wardrobe you just cannot go wrong with that. It is a win win way to dress year round

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why do Indian Cotton Kurtis Seem the Best Choice for Summer Wear

In the U.S. the Indian Cotton tunics also called Kurtis have become a summer wear favorite. We see celebrities sporting them in movies and TV anchors looking stylishly cool and beautiful on TV in colorful cotton tunics from India. There are numerous online tunic kurti sites in the U.S. for consumers to shop at and get a decent choice in terms of styling, length, boho style, and good sale pricing as online tunics tops purchasing is very competitive. It ensures the customer a good deal.

The craze for Indian cotton tunic kurti started years ago when women all over the world started seeing the entertaining Bollywood movies and the colorful stylish yet comfortable attire caught their fancy. The tunic is a garment any woman can wear and carry off very beautifully. Women of all age groups look beautiful in tunics and their loose fit ensures that any woman of any size can wear it and look amazing as it ensures an attractive almost slimming look. Universal appeal in the soft cotton fabric for the tunic makes the cotton kurti a worldwide sensation for summer wear shoppers. It is the fast selling women’s apparel item and its demand keeps increasing.

As for sizing do shop a site that goes by the American size chart as Indian size chart runs smaller. Bear in mind the tunic does not have to be fitting but with a loose flow or styling, generally is hip covering or even longer looks great with leggings jeans shorts & skirts. The long Indian tunics worn with leggings are almost knee length and look great especially in soft cotton with delicate embroidery.

The Indian cotton Kurtis are airy, soft and preshrunk which is a big advantage.  Quality cotton does not shrink after a machine wash and that is the type of cotton you want.  Some customers like the cotton to be non- sheer and others use the cotton beach tunics as swim cover ups and like a lighter cotton.

The Indian tailors or seamstresses as well as designer artisans have unparalleled expertise in styling tunics for all body types this ensures a good fit for the petite and plus size women. Cotton tunics for plus size women has become the biggest seller as the goal is to provide relief from the heat coupled with stylish loose coverage and tunics with leggings are the ultimate for travel and vacationing.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Indian tunics kurtis and their increasing popularity world wide

The lure of the Indian tunics has increased in last 2 decades and the Bollywood Film Industry is partially responsible for that. The designer tunics in the movies have the young and mature women all craving that style and comfort the Indian Tunic Kurti provides. There is a worldwide craze for Indian tunics in solid colors, of varying lengths, fabrics, with an embroidered / embellished style, loose and boho style - alluring in look, comfort and style. A tunic top has a winning combination of advantages that assure it a high place in a woman’s list of stylish comfortable clothing.
Indian cotton tunics are by far the most popular compared to other tunics as the cotton is a cut above and though slightly pricey is yet overall quite affordable at the $24.99 - $39.99 range. Find an online cotton tunic tops site that has low profit margins and passes on savings to their customers via good sale pricing. There are many types of cotton tunics some are prone to crease and tear if cheap and it is good to shop a site that provides preshrunk quality cotton tunic tops. In addition today's women prefer ease of care so tunics should be machine washable, non crease quality which is a higher quality and the cut and drape should be loose kurti tunic style. Typically a cotton top is short and fitted tunic tops on the other hand are at least hip covering generally or longer tunics that can be worn with leggings.
The Indian tunics kurtis are made by very good tailors or seamstresses that cut the tunic to flatter a ladies figure whether she may be petite, slim or curvy. Tunics also Boho style tops have universal appeal as the looseness on the bust area and the flowing bottom of the tunics & tops ensures a sleeker alluring look. Some long tunics are worn as beach cover ups and are must haves for vacations to warmer places.
Summer is all about sarongs and beach tunics and online sites have quite a variety to offer at good sale pricing. Some sites go so far as to give you free shipping and a gift. Customer service oriented sites will give you quick answers to queries and it is important to be able to place a phone order if that is what you prefer. So shop for affordable unique tunic tops in cotton and other fabrics online to suit all your day summer casual tunic and evening tunic needs.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Tunics That Will Keep You Cool

The heat in summer can be oppressive and wearing the right summer tunics & tops will keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Here are some tunic top choices for summer so you can feel pleasantly cool and stylish:

1.Cotton is the best in terms of airy cool comfort. However if it is too humid & you sweat a lot cotton absorbs water so it may weigh you down also if it rains cotton does not dry too fast. Overall it is still the coolest breathable fabric for summer wear for women & men.

2.Linen that is light and soft from India is an option as it is porous and absorbs moisture away from your skin. However some linen is rough with an itchy feel and so the quality matters.

3.Silk is super light absorbs moisture can be clingy to your body depending on quality but a neat summer option. Caution on silk fiber is that it tends to break down in extreme summer heat. A better choice for evening wear in summer.

4.Some blends like a cotton chiffon or a light chiffon silk top with lining or a georgette which is light and non clingy may make for a nice evening top for summer wear for women.
Finding affordable quality cotton tunics online can be easy if you are a well informed buyer. Place a test order for one cotton tunic if the cotton tunic top is from India preshrunk machine washable and good quality it will last years and give you a cool airy comfortable feel. If you like the quality of cotton tunic from an online site book mark it and get on their email list for savings in terms of coupon codes and free shipping. Buying cotton tunics from the U.S. is better as you save on shipping costs that are pricy for international shipping, dealing with suppliers in other countries may be quite an experience as in the U.S. the level of customer service is excellent and we expect that. Returns and exchanges are surely easier so shop for quality cotton summer tunics that look and feel good.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Women’s Cotton Tunic Tops are Stylish for Day & Evening Wear

Spring and Summer is all about cotton tunic tops in many styles and colors. Women naturally love cotton tunics for their soft feel and stylish comfort.  Casual summer tunics in pastels for spring and brighter colors for summer are what woman gravitate to when shopping online.  It is best to shop for preshrunk cotton and quality wrinkle resistant quality cotton tops that are now available in many stores.

What is the advantage of buying tunics from Online sites:

The competition keeps the tunics available at a low price and in good variety

Cotton tunics online are generally good quality as online stores want to reduce the return rate and keep customers long term.

You are assured lowest best price for that quality as the online competition is huge and works well to the customer’s advantage.

There are many sites to choose from and once you narrow down the sites you like shopping becomes an easy experience for future purchases.

Online stores do phone orders for customer experience so you can buy in minutes without standing in long lines like you would at a store or mall.
Indian cotton tunics sold in the USA are the best way to buy designer soft machine washable cotton tunics kurtis at a reasonable sale price.

You shop from the comfort of your home and relax and enjoy the experience. Using the right keywords will get you to the right sites. So if you want an evening tunic be specific in your search term on google or bing.  Example: cotton tunic top for evening wear, black cotton embroidered tunic, black evening tunic on sale….

Many online stores do Free shipping which is fabulous. Some have coupon codes to enter on checkout. Keeping in mind the numerous incentives a majority of shoppers now seem to shop online on their phones and computers. Truly a convenient way to get the best deals. So buy womens tunic s on sale today at and avail of the 50% -70% off sale a gift and free shipping.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My love for Cotton Tunics

It is true that my love for cotton tunics stems from my shopping for Indian Tunics in the wonderful bazaars of Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur. The colorful cotton tunic also called kurtis in India were a source of delight. In summer the cool cotton soft machine washable kurtis were just what I needed.
Now I am hooked and bulk cotton tunics and tops from the U.S. I don’t want to wait to get them from overseas and so I shop online to avail of competitive sale prices and focus on sites that are unique and affordable yet I want good machine washable cotton tunic tops.

Yours Elegantly  has a selection of embroidered soft quality cotton tunics on sale starting at $24.99 and the loose tunic fit cotton tunics with hip coverage are my favorite at $34.99 I also love long tunics in cool evenings with leggings I even wear them as beach coverups on vacation.

These days I enjoy designing tunics for plus size women to ensure a beautiful style, cut and embellishment. Indian tunics are perfect for casual summer tunics as well as perfect tunics over lovely slacks or trousers for evening wear. I add on some crystal earrings as I love the bling, sun glasses,  an up hairdo and some light makeup and acquire a whole new look I love. Best of all I wrap on a light silk pashmina or fashion scarf and get that unique effect I so love with my outfits.

My love for cotton tunics especially the beautiful Indian cotton tunic kurti for women is ever growing as I shop online and find rare bargains and lovely unique kurtis. Cotton kurtis are a household name these days as the comfort factor coupled with loose comfy style is so wonderful. We women are always on the go and we love a piece of clothing that looks great and assures us comfort and a good feel. Ease of care – machine washing and no ironing as they are wrinkle resistant quality preshrunk cotton is surely an added bonus. Try them at and get good service at 860-355-4184 and a customer appreciation gift with purchase.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Variety of Indian Kurtis to Help Augment Your Look

Ever wondered what attracts a person towards you when they first see you? The answer may differ from person to person; however, almost every one of us will agree with the fact that the clothes we wear and how we carry ourselves play a significant role on the way people perceive us the moment they see us. Hence, it is important to wear your personal style. Modern women love to experiment and wear attires as per their style and mood. For the ethnic moods and occasion, a large variety of Indian kurtis are available in the market. These kurtis not just look appealing, they are comfortable to wear and come in a large variety of colors and styles. If you don’t have Indian style kurtis in your wardrobe, here are some recommendations that you may try.

Classy Indian Tunic Diva
These classy Indian tunic diva kurtis are a correct blend of traditional Indian style and modern look. You can wear these with your favorite pair of jeans, leggings or jeggings to look smart and chic. The lovely print and bright colors will definitely enhance your overall look and appearance. Moreover, the long sleeves with slimming effect make for a perfect clothing to have.
 Black & White Indian Tunic Kurti 

Flaunt your style and make a great fashion statement by wearing a one-of-a-kind black and white kurti. The cut and fall of the tunic gives it a slier appeal, which makes it suitable for work place, casual outing, and even college. To enhance the appeal, make sure to pair these with black leggings or jeans.
Designer Indian Tunic Kurti
These artistically designed Indian tunic designer kurtis are highly appealing. The stunning embroidery work in the front, borders, and sleeves make these kurtis popular among women of all ages. Made of soft georgette fabric, these kurtis look elegant and classy and are suitable for various occasions.

In the End
Wearing Indian kurtis at various events and occasions will be a great way to manifest your diverse characteristics. You may find all the above mentioned kurtis on the web.
So, which type of kurti do you like the most and why? Share your choices in the comments’ section.

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