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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tunics and their Amazing History

As we all know, tunics have been born from the ancient era, these have an amazing history as well. In the Roman times, clothing of men and women was extremely simple and was unique in its own. Tunics were an all-time wardrobes for the ancient people. From people belonging to the lower class to the wealthiest ones, tunics were worn as a traditional dress. These were available in different styles for men and women. The male tunics were till the knees, while the women tunics were long sleeved, mostly reaching to the ground. 

Women's tunics:
There were typically two types of tunics women used to wear in the historic period. One was similar to a Greek peplos. This was a narrow tunic half stitched along with a pin on each shoulder and belted on the waist. Second style of tunic was also stitched up till the armholes along with pins along the women’s arms.

The trend for tunics has amazed our ancient as well as the today’s generation. Tunics have become a great fashion wear that accentuate the beauty of every woman who wants to look slim and feel different.

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RP Singh said...

These days Tops for women and tunic tops especially the cotton ones look awesome and nice on women.

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