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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tunics With Leggings Suit Women of All Sizes and Age Groups

Women love to wear tunics with leggings particularly hip covering long tunics that are very comfy and stylish. Plus size women prefer the knee length long Indian cotton tunics with cotton leggings. If you have these 3 legging colors black, white & navy chances are they will match most of the tunic tops in your wardrobe.  Leggings make the cut, drape and style of the tunics more alluring as they ensure a sleeker look. So if you want to dress chic street style or go for a bohemian look wear a loose cotton embroidered tunic kurti with white leggings and make head’s turn. This look is so versatile as if you add on a colorful fashion scarf or pashmina scarf you will look beautiful for an evening out in town or a dinner party this spring and summer.

Women of all sizes, from any age group and from all walks of life love tunics year round due to the extreme comfort they provide along with an elegant fashionable look for day/evening wear.  If you are a petite woman a tunic with leggings is very alluring and it accentuates your slimness beautifully. Even a loose flowing tunic makes a petite woman look more attractive and beautiful.  Plus size women cannot get enough of long tunics with leggings as they know full well the beautiful coverage the tunic gives and the beautiful cut and drape as well as strategic embellishment that designers do on women’s tunics to accentuate certain areas, hide certain areas and end up giving a woman that gorgeous chic sleek look. Leggings help create that slimming effect beautifully there is no denying that and the comfort is tremendous and undeniably lovely for today’s busy women.

Fashion designers are responsible for tunic tops craze worldwide even amongst teenagers who love
tunic with leggings or skinny jeans as they look casual chic and relaxed in this look. Tunics also look great with baggy casual cotton capris/pants. Going to the beach wear a tunic with your shorts and then use it as a beach cover up. 

Women wear tunics to work and we see TV anchors show off their fashion tunics in all their elegant beauty. Movie stars love tunic tops and Indian kurtis for the comfort of the soft high quality cotton, the artsy embroidery and craftsmanship and the loose cut and chic styling that makes them so sexy and stylish. Tunics are for everyone as they truly have universal appeal. Older women wear tunics at home and outside. The immense comfort from the loose style and soft cotton from India is very welcoming for mature women who love comfort above all and get the benefit of being in style at the same time.

Tunics with leggings are great on a flight, while on vacation, at the beach and also for evening wear. Womens’s evening tunics generally have a touch of light embroidery, beading, sequins…. to add a dressy touch. Indian embellished designer tunics make the best evening tunics as Indian artisans are a cut above in their designing expertise when crafting these tunic masterpieces. Bollywood movies are a proof of this and have created a huge demand for Indian kurtis worldwide.  So buy a cotton tunic today and look amazing.


oussum said...

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RP Singh said...

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